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Good Morning All, This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to be part of a diabetes prevention presentation for the Dorchester Vietnamese population at VietAID. Our talk and interactive presentation was based on trying to get this population to achieve 150 minutes of moderately vigorous exercise throughout the week. We focused on increasing resisted exercise, walking … read more »

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Good Afternoon from Delta Physical Therapy! Over the last two weeks, I put the finishing touches on an evidence-based lecture for primary care physicians to quickly but reliably screen for knee injuries and where to refer those patients. Getting patients the correct treatment is extremely important, be it education and self-management of minor injuries, a … read more »

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Here’s an update to what we have been doing since we have opened our doors at Delta Physical Therapy! I have had the opportunity to continue to participate in the Well and Fit program which was designed by myself and Amanda Duncan of Dot House Health as a 8 visit program to monitor and teach … read more »

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This is Steve Smith, managing partner for Delta Physical Therapy, LLC in the lower mills neighborhood of Dorchester, MA. We are proud to announce that the week of Oct 17th will be our grand opening. Our front desk is proudly staffed by Barbara Baez who is our office manager. Our aim is to improve a … read more »